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                 Your headaches are our priority.

Dr. Sheikh is a highly-trained and nationally renowned, experienced headache specialist who provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to the diagnosis and management of chronic headaches. She is a board-certified Harvard-trained Headache Specialist.


In addition to migraine, she is highly experienced in the treatment of other headache and facial pain disorders, including cluster, hemicrania and trigeminal neuralgia.


Our practice is experienced in traditional medications, as well as alternative treatments, including complementary methods like acupuncture and mindfulness and nutraceuticals.


We are focused on creating individualized treatment plans while empowering patients with the integrative tools they need to heal.


We know that not all headaches are the same. We take an individualized approach to finding the best plan of action for you, integrating medications as well as the latest devices and lifestyle methods to treat your specific treatment needs.


Dr. Sheikh takes pride in being knowledgeable about the latest evidence-based medications as well as incorporating the latest in herbal and complementary lifestyle approaches to managing headaches.

Services include a one-time comprehensive consultation for diagnosis as well as on-going management, education and support for chronic headaches.


The Care You Deserve

Chronic headaches can be a disabling condition and each person experiences them differently.  We offer a unique approaches to provide an individualized tailored approach to managing your health.


Traditional Model


The traditional model includes an initial consultation with regular follow ups.  You can use your insurance for reimbursement if you have out-of-network coverage.


You will become a part of a community of people who have similar conditions, regular educational material to help you understand your headaches and how to manage them, as well as exclusive access to your physician.

We provide a full range of services for the treatment of headache, facial and neck pain.

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"Headache-free is the way to be. Experience the difference our treatments can make in alleviating your discomfort and improving your well-being."

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