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Migraine and TEAS

Migraine is a condition that effects the entire body. In addition to headache, there can be many other symptoms including fatigue, nausea, trouble concentrating and body pain. Medications, including pain killers are the first line of treatment but there are also some other adjunct treatments that can also help with the stress of having a migraine. Having some tea can be a great way to help relax and alleviate some of the symptoms of a migraine. Certain teas have been found to be helpful in helping with some of the migraine associated symptoms.

Important things to keep in mind are that there is also caffeine in some of these teas. Caffeine is a two edged sword when it comes to migraine. Some find that it can be helpful as an abortive while they are having a migraine. However, the body can become very used to the amounts and times that someone has caffeine and therefore, any change in the normal amount can be a trigger for migraine. Therefore, it is important to understand how much caffeine is comfortable for each person.

Teas can help in migraine through a few different ways- They can help to block pain signals, relax tense muscles, reduce inflammation and can change how contracted or expanded blood vessels are.

Some of the teas that are helpful for migraine are listed below. It can be helpful to make a blend that contains the different ingredients that are beneficial in migraine, like lavender, chamomile, peppermint and ginger.

Ginger is especially helpful in nausea and can be a great addition to any of the teas mentioned. It has antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation, which can cause headaches and one study showed that adding ginger powder can be almost as helpful as a triptan to help with migraine. It is also very helpful in nausea. Clove is another spice that has antinociceptive properties, which block the perception of pain. You can grind them up and use in tea.

1- Peppermint Tea-

Mint and Peppermint help to relive pain and soothe nerves.

2- Chamomile- this tea can be very helpful in insomnia and anxiety. Treating the tension can help one to relax and relieve the muscle tension.

3- Feverfew-This is a variety of daisy that is also sometimes used as a preventive in pill form. It can be helpful to add in other teas like lavender flowers and/or lemon.

4- Lavender is a medicinal herb that can help with headaches and anxiety. Studies have shown that lavender aromatherapy can help treat migraine headaches including severity.

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